Our Brands

Aerovias DAP

Company founded in 1980, making it the longest running private airline in Chile today. “The airline of Patagonia”. Schedule flights connecting Magallanes region, as well as other main points of Patagonia.

DAP Antártica

Company founded in 1989. Using DAP’s diverse fleet and logistic capabilities, this Agency manages unforgettable experiences for travelers willing to explore Patagonia and Antarctica.


Company founded inj 2004. Pioneer in the field of medical, programmed or emergency air transportation. It combines the capabilities of DAP’s plane and helicopter fleet to achieve a safe and efficient aeromedical activity for the energy and mining industries, national parks, Antarctic cruise ships, etc.

Mineral Airways

Brand created in 2012 for the operation of charter flights to serve the mining industry in the north of Chile. Currently flying BAe/RJ85 and Boeing 737-200Adv units, transporting mining workers from Santiago directly to the mine site.

DAP Helicópteros

Company founded in 1989 with its roots in the challenging skies of Magallanes. The company holds an impressive record of over 100.000 flight hours and almost 30 years operating in demanding conditions.

DAP Mares

DAP’s logistic capabilities operate by sky, land as well as sea.

Three vessels make up the main fleet, all with reinforced hull for ice. The flagship Betanzos has advanced logistical capabilities for Antarctic missions, as well as technical capabilities for oceanic science missions.

Antarctic Airways

With the Antarctic Airways brand, DAP has consolidated an air route that becomes more relevant each day, providing transportation and antarctic logistic support for many scientific missions from all over the world, as well as exclusive tour programs in King George Island.

DAP Helicópteros Argentina

Argentinean company founded in 2002. Developed with the support of DAP Helicóteros Chile, it has taken upon highly complex logistic activities in a diversity of scenarios.