Cargo & Logistics

Land, Sea and Air: The best way to operate

Our experience in logistics throughout Patagonia and Antarctica allows us to propose solutions to our clients’ complex needs, combining a fleet of airplanes, helicopters and our Betanzos ship, as well as other land resources and machinery.

For us, the main gateway into Antarctica is by air, holding a nearly 30 year operation in the summer season, which represents the better part of the whole world’s movement between America and the White Continent. By combining our fleet and resources we can establish a self-sustained activity from Punta Arenas.

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Betanzos is a heavy duty embarcation, capable of sailing the cold seas of the Antarctic territory, while satisfying different needs in the White Continent. Adapted to the client’s logstic needs.
  • Reinforced Hull for ice.
  • 2 helicopters on deck.
  • Capacity for three 20 ft containers.
  • Max storage capacity: 1261 m3.
  • Fuel delivery capacity: 200.000 l.


Barge designed to transport passengers, cargo and vehicles, with versatile capabilities, it is specially designed to support logistic operations.
  • Reinforced hull for ice.
  • It has a length of 70 meters.
  • Beam of 16 meters.
  • It can carry up to 800 tons on deck and up to 80 passengers.


Auxiliary barge for port and harbor operations. Its essential activity is to collaborate in loading and unloading operations for larger vessels that need to avoid wharfage by carrying out the process while on tour.
  • Reinforced hull for ice.
  • It has a length of 16.6 meters.
  • Beam of 5.6 meters.
  • It has an attachable pontoon to facilitate some maneuvers.


The MK5 is a light vessel, designed for short trips between the nearby Antarctic islands. A versatile ship, it may carry up to 12 passengers or over 2 tons of load with safety and confidence.
  • 4-stroke engine.
  • 50 horsepower.
  • 12 pax.
  • Cargo capacity: 2200 kilo.



BAe/RJ aircrafts possess four engines. Capable of a high degree of safety and confort in the transport from Punta Arenas to Antarctica.

Its silent flight is environment friendly. Moreover, they are capable of landing on short unprepared ramps, serving with excellence in the Antarctic context.

Flights include crew and ample cargo capacity.

  • Capacity: 70 passengers.
  • 7200 kgs maximum cargo capacity.
  • Punta Arenas – King George Island in 2 hrs.
  • On board service.


The Beechcraft King Air 300 is a light aircraft capable of handling adverse conditions. Its pressurized cabin provides a comfortable and safe flight to King George Island.
Its pilots are among the most experienced in the world. This aircraft carries out most of the emergency medical transport missions from Antarctica.
  • Capacity: 6 passengers.
  • 960 kgs maximum cargo capacity.
  • Punta Arenas – King George Island in 2:30 hrs.
  • Pressurized Cabin.

BO-105, AS 355 F2, AS 350 B3 & EC-135 HELICOPTERS

Our helicopters were designed to explore places never seen before. Their ample range and capabilities for high complexity flights make them perfect for missions of all types.
  • Capacity: 5 & 4 passengers.
  • 200 kgs maximum cargo capacity with passengers on board.



Among our land logistic resources on King George Island, we have trucks and snow mobiles, which allow us efficient short and midrange movement of passengers and cargo in Antarctic territory.


The hagglunds is a vehicle capable of tackling all sorts of terrain, even water, while transporting up to 16 passengers. Heavy duty vehicle, designed to move cargo and staff efficiently through the rough Antarctic grounds.
  • All-terrain vehicles.
  • 16 seats.
  • 1500 kgs maximum cargo capacity.


For our Overnight tour programs, as well as logistic missions on King George Island, we are prepared for quick camp set-ups in Antarctic territory. Specialized equipment able to withstand the harsh weather conditions, and basic services according to the client’s needs.


  • Industrial refrigerator located in Punta Arenas, with two 900 m2 and one 1600 m2 chambers.
  • Base construction services (modules).
  • Specialized staff in Antarctica.