Air Rescue

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While there are no statistics in Chile with respect to aero medical rescue services, this kind of service saves thousands of lives everyday across the world.

Since helicopter ambulances became another element of the rescue service chain, an 80% more people in distress arrive alive to the hospital, vastly improving their chances of survivings and greatly decreasing the after-effects that a serious accident may carry.

Our aero medical rescue service consist of taking an Intermediate Care Unit to the place of the accident, in order to stabilize the patient and then carry him/her to the nearest hospital or medical center.

Today, we provide this service to a number of companies all over the country, giving coverage to more than 200.000 workers. We also work directly with hospitals, clinical centers and public institutions.


Depending on the aircraft to be used, the interior configuration can accommodate up to two Lifeport Inc PLUS stretchers and a doctor and nurse on board.

In addition, the new bubble stretchers (negative pressure), offer the option of transporting patients with infectious diseases with all the safety measures required by the Ministry of Health and WHO.


AeroRescate also provides the service of transfering patients from a medical center to a more complex hospital in a “bed to bed” mode, using a single medical team on board our helicopters or airplanes.


Simulations are carried out on a yearly basis, by contract, consisting in excersises directly at the workplace or other locations with company staff. The objective is to have an efficient and safe coordination in case of emergency evacuation, as well as improving the procedures of aero medical safety and measuring reaction times.


Each company that is part of the AeroRescate network has access to our training system for their workers, consisting in practical excersises with our team and aircrafts, as well as safety measures that are fundamental in case of carrying out an emergency evacuation.