Marinelli Glacier

Live the Patagonia experience with us

Marinelli Glacier is the most beautiful and longest of all. It is the largest of those that spill down from the backbone of Darwin Mountain Range.

After crossing the Magellan Strait, the flight goes into Whiteside Channel, between Dawson Island and Tierra del Fuego, at the southeast entrance of the channel. Here, we can admire a body of water called Bahía Inútil, which leads to Almirantazgo Sound, along the Darwin Mountains and we arrive at Ainsworth Bay, a coastal inlet where Marinelli Glacier is located. The enormous ice walls of the Marinelli Glacier are almost 40 meters high.


  • Transfer from hotel to DAP heliport, located in Prat Pier, Punta Arenas.
  • Flight to Tierra del Fuego, to initiate overflight to Marinelli Glacier.
  • If weather conditions are safe, we will land on the glaciar to take panoramic Pictures and drink whiskey with millenary ice.
  • Return to city of Punta Arenas, flying one more time over the area, crossing Tierra del Fuego.
  • *Program subject to weather conditions