King Penguin

Live the Patagonia experience with us

The King Penguin Colony is located in the Bahía Inútil area, on the great island of Tierra del Fuego. To reach this site, travelers must fly over the Magellan Strait, to advance deep into the place chosen by these particular penguin colony. For this tour, the passenger is transported from Punta Arenas to Porvenir, and back, on a DAP flight.

*Helicopter tours are also available. Leaving the passengers only 5 minutes away from the Park, reducing considerably the travel and tour times. Ask for details.


  • The tour includes a guide during the whole route, as well as land transport once travelers reach Porvenir.
  • Swans, flamingos and other birds to see on the way.
  • Visit to King Penguin Park, with picnic lunch.
  • On the way back to Porvenir, the tour visits sites of historical and visual interest.