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Aerovías DAP offers the use of its diverse fleet for the service of charter flights for tourism of business to many destinations in Chile, Argentina and South America.

We have aircrafts ranging from 6 to 90 seats, with catering and branding adjusted to the client’s needs.


From the southernmost skies to the heart of the mining north, in 2012 DAP creates Mineral Airways, a company specifically dedicated to providing air transport for mining workers.

A company of specialties, DAP brought for Mineral Airways a fleet of BAe/Avro airplanes, high performance four-engine aircraft that shines for its capability to take off and land on short (1700 meters) and rough runways, as well as those in high altitude.

The concept of flying directly to the mining worksite means a great benefit to companies and their workers. And in this business, Mineral Airways has a comparative advantage to other air transport operators.

Flying directly to the worksite brings more commitment from the workers towards their employer, improving their retention, because traveling times are drastically reduced, and by using less ground transportation, safety is increased.

This service eliminates a great part of ground transportation, allowing workers to make better use of their rest, as well as their working hours. As retention is improved, the benefits are multiplied.

The use of a “door-to-door” transport service such as ours helps to lower costs and improve productivity and work safety.