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A Carbon-neutral company

DAP was one of the first companies in the country to act in conscience with regards to preserving the environment. The same avant-garde attitude to carry its business has taken DAP to mitigate its CO2 footprint.

Carbon footprint, concept normally understood as the quantification of greenhouse gas emissions produced in the life cycle of a product, service or activity, expressed in tons of CO2.

These gases are created with the use of energy, transportation (air and land), residuals generation, paper use, among others. The methods of quantifying this footprint are based on the criteria used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, verified under norm ISO 12064.

The calculated emissions must be compensated by taking mitigating action in the form of planting new trees, or conserving natural forests, which neutralize the impact as they capture CO2 in their photosynthesis process.

Taking these measures stimulates companies to comply with international and regional standards of environmentally sustainable competition.

With this in mind, DAP has taken action to preserve over 38.000 acres of native forests in the Region of Magallanes, making a stand for the group’s commitment to preserving the environment, as well as caring for the natural flora and fauna of the region.