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Industrial Services

Off-Shore operations, thermographic air inspections, transportation of load, personnel and practicals, tourism at the end of the world… the list of possibilities for our helicopter fleet is endless.

Take a glimpse at some of our more common services:

Off-Shore operations

This consists of transporting personnel and load, to and from platforms located in the Magellan Strait.

Personnel change is a delicate operation that is carried out in several platforms, requiring a high degree of coordination between DAP and platform operators, as well as great precision and skill by our pilots. In this task, DAP Helicópteros has the greatest experience in the region, flying under the area’s challenging conditions.

Thermographic air inspections

The advantages of applying this proven technology (cold and hot tomography) for inspecting oil ducts are clearly perceived by large companies over the world. Using this method, additional prevention investments are usually avoided, allowing great savings and a better overall result. Another advantage is that when using this method, images may be stored, keeping a strong proof of the real state of installations during inspections.

The costs of implementing a prevention and annual monitoring system are marginal in comparison to those of repairing ducts or correcting an environmental crisis, or paying for work related accidents produced by failures that may have been detected earlier in this manner.

Canal practical boarding

Canal practical boarding is a demonstration of skill, practice and experience on the treacherous Magellan Strait.

Due to the geographical characteristics of the Strait, it is only possible to satisfy the growing demand for this service at Felix Bay sector by incorporating fast transportation as part of a fail-proof system, even when facing the harsh weather conditions that arise, with an average of 50 knt of wind and 360 days of heavy rain each year.

This service, implemented years ago, basically consists of a coordination between air transport through helicopter, and sea boarding by speed boat. Thanks to the helicopter, the time spent traveling from the practical office to the boarding or unboarding site is drastically reduced, allowing more hours of service and a better reaction speed to the needs of this service. The speedboat, meanwhile, makes it possible to board every time, with independence of the ship’s time of arrival or the characteristics of its deck (with or without heliport).

High altitude services

Especially for the mining industry, although not exclusively, DAP offers services that require operating in great heights, such as laser topography, medical evacuations, etc.

For these objetives, DAP Helicópteros has incorporated an AS 350 B3 helicopter, capable of achieving 23.000ft of height (over 7.400 meters) in a safe and reliable manner.

Transporting loads

DAP Helicópteros has load transportation cranes, which working together with the agility of these aircrafts, allow the quick transportation of loads to places of difficult access, improving the efficiency of any work that requires load transportation in a place that is hard to reach, dangerous or one that does not have access by alternative methods.

Other services

In over 25 years of experience working with helicopters, DAP Helicópteros has developed a diversity of services where their advantages in efficiency and versatility are highly valued. Some examples are geological study flights in areas of difficult access, or filming services, where the aircraft can be hired for filming commercials, news reports, tour and landscape showcase, etc.