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Tourism Services

Lakutaia: Heliski, Flyfishing and Southernmost Hiking

DAP Helicópteros, in alliance with Lodge Lakutaia, is capable of offering the southernmost Heliski, Heli Flyfishing and Heli Hiking in the world. Using the majestic hillsides of Darwin mountain range and the Antarctic Peninsula as the stage, DAP’s Heliski program, operated by Heliski Nepal is considered by the Red Bull Team as one of the 15 “hot spots” for Heliski across the world.

Something similar happens with the Heli Flyfishing and Heli Hiking programs, because Lakutaia has exclusive access to the southernmost lakes and rivers of the plant. The Heli Flyfishing program has been audited by the prestigious company Frontiers, and incorporated to their international promotions. In these rivers, it is possible to find up to four kinds of trout, including silver trout.

In the case of Trekking and Hiking, Lakutaia owns the concession to the southernmost circuit, considered amongst the top 15 in the world.

Premium adventure: Antarctica

Through DAP Antártica, tour and logistics operator in Antarctica, DAP has positioned itself as main commercial flight operator in the White Continent.

Activities using helicopter support include medical evacuatons, scientific support activities, passenger and load transportation. Moreover, DAP carries out high complexity operations, doing over flights and descents directly to the points of interest, using cruise ships as base. A great example of this is the aeronautical landmark achieved in 2013 with Dutch icebreaker ship MV Ortelius by Oceanwide Expeditions, which consisted of carrying tourists through the polar circle on board helicopters. This has been achieved several times in the following years.

DAP Helicópteros can also arrange private transportation for VIP clients from different cities of this country, to recreational or corporate destinations, in the case of high managements. For this, DAP is constantly under audit by international companies.

Other destinations

The company also offers the possibility to fly over the city of Punta Arenas, as well as flying to National Park Torres del Paine from Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales or Cerro Castillo. The helicopters are capable of landing inside the park, over glaciers or any other point clients may ask for, subject to weather and flight conditions.

Another interesting service is transporting sport fishermen to different fishing areas of the region, such as Penitente River, White Lake (Tierra del Fuego), Puerto Williams, and others.

With our diverse fleet, we also provide tour services in the north and center area of the country. Overflights in Antofagasta, San Pedro de Atacama, Heliski from Santiago, we are ready for adventure!