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Quality Policy

   DAP HELICOPTEROS Ltda. is a Chilean Airline Company formed in 1989, with headquarters in Punta Arenas and bases of operation for all the national territory in the Northern, Central and Southern Zone.

   Among its main areas of specialization in the evaluation, development and execution of aerocommercial services are passenger and cargo transport, aeromedical evacuations, forestry services, continental and Antarctic tourism.

   To ensure compliance with its Operational Philosophy, in favor of our customers and interested parties, has implemented a Quality Management System based on the ISO 9001 Standard, supported by the execution of systematic processes that allow continuous improvement, committing to:

• Comply with the legal requirements applicable to the Quality Management System.

• Orient efforts to meet customer requirements, ensuring high quality, safety and reliability in their operations.

• Maintain the relevant positioning of the company in the market, based on its prestige and seniority.

• To promote teamwork in an appropriate working environment and atmosphere.

• To maintain a constant advance in the professional improvement of our collaborators, with the adequate technological equipment for the optimal development of their work.