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Helicopter Maintenance Center (CMH)

CMH, a DAP company, has been created with the purpose of offering an integra service in evaluation, assessment, planification, control and execution of helicopter maintenance for commercial companies, NGOs, private and public organizations.

We offer our clients complete externalization of aircraft maintenance duties, be it in our facilities or theirs, including worksites or elsewhere an emergency maintenance operations may be required.

Our service covers the Chilean territory and includes advice regarding the purchase, certification and importation of used aircrafts. Over 105.000 flight hours in 25 years of operation, as well as ISO 9000 and BARS certification by Flight Safety stand behind our quality of work.

Our workshop and its highly trained staff satisfy all the demands of Chileand and Argentinean aeronautical authorities (DGAC and ANAC).

CMH is specialized in Eurocopter models AS 355 F1 and F2, AS 350, BO 105 CB and CBS, and EC 135 T. Thus, we have great experience working with Rolls-Royce 250, Turbomeca and Arrius engines.


· Maintenance control of rotational wing aircraft
· Inspection in accordance to maintenance program (MSM and ALS)
· Parts replacement contemplated in maintenance manual
· Satisfaction and application of MIMS, Service Bulletins and AD for the mentiones aircrafts
· Aircraft Certification Inspections (Structure, electronics, motors, etc.)
· Aeronautical engineering
· Retrofits and aircraft refurbishment
· 8 and 12 years scheduled inspections
· Advising for the purchase and importation of aircrafts
· Purchase and importation of parts
· Hangar space
· Pre and post flight
· Satellite monitoring of aircrafts
· Cleaning and care of aircrafts
· H24 support in all of Chile
· General consultancy

Our plans

· Pay by the hour
· Monthly affiliation programs
· Annual programs
· Total coverage program
· Consultancy and planning program