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Adventure at the End of the World

With travel agency DAP Antártica, our travelers have today the chance to live an unforgettable experience that will take them to one of the farthest points on Earth. The coldest, highest, windiest, driest and less populated continent. A continent that has been completely sunk by ice, which has not only shaped its topography, but also influenced its evolution.

This site is one of the only on Earth thar remain virgin, constituting an important reserve of the Biosphere. Its singular beauty contrasts with the extreme climatic conditions, which make it an exotic and mesmerizing destination for the privileged few may set foot on it.

Antarctica is an ecological wonder that captivates explorers, scientists and travelers.

On our aircraft you will fly over the Magellan Strait, Tierra del Fuego Island, Darwin Mountain Range, the mythical Cape Horn and the raft Drake Passage, finally arriving at King George Island, gateway to the White Continent, where most of the Antarctic scientific bases are located. Here you can also find the Chilean village "Villa Las Estrellas", place where several Chilean families live all year round.

You will visit the impressive landscapes of the White Continent, meet part of its wildlife and experience the daily life of men populating this territory in the name of science and investigation. Our experienced pilots, in combination with a highly prepared crew and expedition guides with years of experience, will make sure you have a safe, unforgettable journey.

Flying Antarctica is an alternative of growing attraction, for travelers as well as tour-operators. In contrast to the two and a half days that a ship takes to cross the Sea of Drake to reach King George Island, on the BAe 146-200 with capacity of 70 passengers in Antarctic mode, our travelers take approximately just 2 hours to arrive, being able to incorporate this amazing trip into an expedition program that is safer, more efficient and cost-effective.