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More than three decades flying the southernmost skies

In Magallanes, Aerovías DAP has three daily flights to Porvenir and one to Puerto Williams, offering a fast, efficient and safe alternative to connect with these two sites from Punta Arenas.

Porvenir is a city with a population of over 5 thousand, located in Tierra del Fuego Island, across the Magellan Strait. Due to its distance and difficult access, our flights from Punta Arenas are a necessity, taking only about 12 minutes.

The same takes place in the case of Puerto Williams, located in Navarino Island. This area may only be reached by sea (taking about 38 hours) or by our flights from Punta Arenas, which take only an hour and 15 minutes.

Puerto Williams offers endless eco-tourism attractions.

Since 2015 Aerovías DAP has opened the Punta Arenas - Balmaceda route, airport that acts as the door to the beautiful region of Aysén.

This route has countless positive effects, because not only it means joining in a safe and fast way two remote sites, but also building an air bridge between magnificent Carretera Austral and the wonders of Magallanes.

Aerovías DAP now offers this direct route exclusively, taking approximately an hour and a half each leg.

Moreover, starting on November 2016, the company has began once again flying the international route of Punta Arenas - Ushuaia, joining two capital points of the Chilean and Argentinean Patagonia.

With a flight merely over half an hour long, travelers will be able to connect sites of diverse touristic, economic and cultural interest.

*Flight schedules may vary depending on weather conditions and season changes.

Contact for reservations, sales, schedules and prices:

Punta Arenas Main Office: O'Higgins 891
Phone: (061) 2 616100

Coyhaique Office: Arturo Ptrat 286, office 9, 2° floor
Phone: (067) 2 212898

Ushuaia Office: San Martin 350
Phone: +54 2901 42-1139



Punta Arenas - Porvenir

Monday through Friday
Punta Arenas - Porvenir : 08:15 / 12:30 / 16:30
Porvenir - Punta Arenas : 08:35 / 12:50 / 16:50

Punta Arenas - Porvenir: 08:15 / 12:30
Porvenir - Punta Arenas: 08:35 / 12:50


Punta Arenas - Puerto Williams

Monday through Saturday
Punta Arenas-Puerto Williams: 10:00 hrs.
Puerto Williams-Punta Arenas: 11:30 hrs.


Punta Arenas - Balmaceda

Punta Arenas - Balmaceda: 13:30
Balmaceda - Punta Arenas: 15:30


Punta Arenas - Ushuaia (INACTIVE)

From November 8th 2017 to March 31st 2018:
Wednesday and Saturday
Punta Arenas - Ushuaia: 14:00
Ushuaia - Punta Arenas: 16:00


Punta Arenas - Pampa Guanaco (INACTIVE)

From October 1st 2017 to April 29th 2018:
Viernes y Domingo
Punta Arenas -> Pampa Guanaco: 18:00 hrs
Pampa Guanaco -> Punta Arenas: 19:00 hrs